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Friday, February 27, 2004

“I want to get my bangers up in the first inning” 

Royals Notes from Juan Gone is still on his way to Arizona, Tony Pena says he plans to bat Sweeney 3rd and Gonzalez 4th in the lineup, Runelvys Hernandez hopes to rejoin the team by September.
Desi Relaford and Tony Graffanino are battling for the starting second baseman's job. Tony Pena:“I don't know who is going to start. But either way, we're better than last year. What else matters?”
So far, so good for Jeremy Affeldt's finger.
Mitch Maier is adjusting to third base.
Joe Posnanski names the Royals an odds-on favorite to make the playoffs this year.
Ah, the inevitable story behind the story of Garth Brooks' arrival in Royals training camp.

Trivia:(Answer in comments)
What Royals player is 36 years old today? An 11-year veteran, he holds career marks of a .266 batting average, a .362 OBP, and a .500 slugging percentage. That .500 mark ranks him in the top 100 of all-time in slugging percentage. He had at least an 880 OPS every year from 1996 through 1999. The Royals are his 7th different major league team, though he has never been traded during a season--at least not to another MLB team!

Free Bonus Question!
What former Royal will celebrate his birthday for the 15th time on Sunday? Originally signed by Cincinnati, he played 10 years in the big leagues for Cleveland and Kansas City. When he retired, he ranked 6th on the franchise saves list. In his best season for the Royals, he threw 85.3 innings, posting a 2.32 ERA and his only 5-win season. And he was once traded for Michael Jackson.

See you on Tuesday! I'm moving to Clinton, Kansas, this weekend.

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Pena plans to bat Beltran 2nd 

Carlos Beltran talks about the upcoming year. He reveals that Tony Pena plans to bat Angel Berroa 1st, Carlos Beltran 2nd, and Desi Relaford 9th. As long as Berroa has developed his plate discipline, I have no problems with that. It's surprising that Joe Randa isn't being considered for the #2 slot, given the amount of time he spent there last year, when healthy. But with the additions of Juan Gonzalez and Matt Stairs, we can afford to "front-load" our lineup a bit more.
It's official: Kyle Snyder will miss the 2004 season, after having shoulder surgery yesterday.
Rob & Rany has been updated, with a reaction to the loss of Kyle Snyder.
Prospectus Triple Play ranks Allard Baird as a "Top-10 GM. With a bullet."
Tangotiger at Baseball Primer is working on a Fan's Scouting Report project. You can help by filling out a questionaire about the fielding abilities of the Royals you've been watching all this time.
Juan Gonzalez is expected in camp this afternoon after dealing with "family issues" in Puerto Rico. Also, minor league outfielder Alan Moye may be surgery-bound.
The closer's job is Mike MacDougal's to lose.
D.J. Carrasco, who just bought a house in Surprise, Arizona, is working on his side-arm delivery.
Tony Graffanino had a case of Royal jealousy in 2003.
While Garth Brooks is in Royals camp, Charley Pride is working out with the Rangers. Gene Autry is in Angels camp, but only in spirit.

Auction item of the day: a 13-card lot of autographed Royals cards, including Dennis Leonard, Frank White, Joe Randa, Steve Farr, and the white whale--Buddy Biancalana! Bidding starts at $7.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Auction closes at 10:00 CST tonight. (I am in no way affiliated with the seller, it just looked like a good buy that you guys might be interested in.)

What former Royal is 37 years old today? Originally drafted by the Royals in 1986, he joined the big club in 1991. He spent 7 seasons with the Royals, and then 2 seasons with one of our bigger rivals. He played nine different positions during his big-league career, everything but catcher. The only year he appeared in more than 100 games was 1996, when he finished 2nd in the American League in sacrifice hits.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Upcoming Milestones 

A few career milestones to look forward to during the 2004 season:
Kevin Appier's 2000th strikeout (he needs 8 more)
Benito Santiago's 900th RBI (he needs 3)
Angel Berroa's 200th hit (he needs 4)
Carlos Beltran's 500th run (he needs 5)
Juan Gonzalez's 6500th at bat (he needs 72)
Ken Harvey's 500th at bat (he needs 3)
Tony Graffanino's 150th RBI (he needs 1)
Aaron Guiel's 100th RBI (he needs 10)
Miguel Asencio's 100th strikeout (he needs 15)
Erik Hiljus' 100th strikeout (he needs 1)

Darrell May's 20th win (he needs 4)
Joe Randa's 600th RBI (he needs 13)
Jeremy Affledt's 200th strikeout (he needs 35)
Carlos Beltran's 3000th at bat (he needs 132)
Kelly Stinnett's 200th RBI (he needs 3)
Tony Graffanino's 1500th at bat (he needs 57)

Juan Gonzalez's 400th double (he needs 16)
Mike Sweeney's 3500th at bat (he needs 194)
Desi Relaford's 2500th at bat (he needs 177)
Carlos Beltran's 500th RBI (he needs 35)
Angel Berroa's 100th RBI (he needs 18)
Miguel Asencio's 10th win (he needs 4)

Benito Santiago's 2000th game (he needs 77)
Juan Gonzalez's 450th home run (he needs 21)
Mike Sweeney's 1000th game (he needs 80)
Joe Randa's 100th home run (he needs 6)
Ken Harvey's 100th RBI (he needs 34)
Jimmy Gobble's 10th win (he needs 6)

Mike Sweeney's 150th home run (he needs 11)
Juan Gonzalez's 2000th hit (he needs 99)
Kris Wilson's 20th win (he needs 6)
Jimmy Gobble's 100th strikeout (he needs 69)
Curtis Leskanic's 500th game (he needs 48)
Joe Randa's 4500th at bat (he needs 418)
Carlos Beltran's 50th triple (he needs 7)

Carlos Beltran's 1000th hit (he needs 175)
Matt Stairs' 200th home run (he needs 24)
Curtis Leskanic's 50th win (he needs 3)
Mike MacDougal's 50th save (he needs 23)
Jason Grimsley's 500th game (he needs 62)

There may also be some movement on the franchise leader lists this season:

Games Played
Joe Randa needs 9 games to pass John Mayberry into the #8 slot. His 119th game of the season will be his 1000th as a Royal.
If Carlos Beltran plays 135 games as a Royal, he'll pass Kevin Seitzer, U L Washington, Johnny Damon, Al Cowens, and John Wathan into the #12 slot. If he somehow sticks around for 155 games, he'll pass Cookie Rojas as well.

Games Pitched
Kevin Appier needs 15 games to become the 7th Royals pitcher to appear in 300 games. If he can manage 28 games, he'll move ahead of Larry Gura and Dennis Leonard into 5th place.
Jason Grimsley's 31st appearance will be his 250th as a Royal. Another 71-game season would move him ahead of Al Fitzmorris, Marty Pattin, Bret Saberhagen, Steve Mingori, Tom Gordon, Hipolito Pichardo, and Steve Farr into the #9 slot.

Games Managed
Tony Pena, assuming his job is secure, will manage his 400th game as a Royal on August 11th and end the season with an even 450, 6th-most in franchise history. He'll pass Bob Boone, Jack McKeon, and Bob Lemon this year.

Home Runs
If Mike Sweeney can muster 31 home runs this year, he'd pass John Mayberry, Frank White, and Hal McRae into 3rd place.
36 more home runs for Carlos Beltran as a Royal would move him past Bo Jackson, Steve Balboni, Danny Tartabull, and John Mayberry into the #6 slot.
Joe Randa is 22 home runs away from his 100th as a Royal. 26 would move him past Jermaine Dye and Mike MacFarlane into 11th.

Kevin Appier needs 10 wins to become the Royals' 4th 125-game winner. An amazing 18-win season would rank him ahead of Mark Gubicza, into the #3 slot.

Wins as Manager
With 84 wins, Tony Pena would also move into #6 on this list, passing Boone, Lemon, and McKeon. His 200th win as a Royals manager should come in August.

Mike Sweeney needs 23 hits to pass Freddie Patek into 6th place. Then things get tougher, as it will take him 4 more good years to match Hal McRae's 1924 at #5.
Joe Randa is 55 hits away from his 1000th as a Royal. He needs 91 hits to pass Patek as well.
If Carlos Beltran gets 175 hits for the Royals, he'll become KC's 9th 1000th hit man. He needs only 69, however, to pass Johnny Damon into 9th on the list.

Kevin Appier already holds the franchise K mark. But 44 more would give him 1500 as a Royal.
Darrell May needs 135 Ks to break the top 20, Jeremy Affeldt needs 180.

Joe Randa is 23 away from recording 500 RBI as a Royal. 76 would move him past Willie Wilson and John Mayberry, into 6th place.
Carlos Beltran is right on Randa's heels, needing 35 to reach 500 and 88 to pass Wilson and Mayberry.

Believe it or not, Mike MacDougal already ranks 10th on the franchise saves list. With 32 saves, he can move into 3rd all-time, behind only Dan Quisenberry and Jeff Montgomery. That would propel him past Mark Littell, Tom Burgmeier, Al Hrabosky, Ted Abernathy, Steve Farr, Roberto Hernandez, and Doug Bird. Not many Royals closers have put together 2 good seasons.
If Mac the Ninth loses the closer's role, Jeremy Affeldt could move into the top 20 with 7 saves, Curtis Leskanic with 9.

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Carlos Beltran: Hello, Goodbye 

Carlos Beltran reported to camp yesterday, and said that while he's focused on putting together a 30/30, .300 season, he's not willing to take a pay cut to stay in KC. His 2004 salary is $9 million, and he's expected to get a multi-year, $15M/season deal within the next year.
Royals Notes: Brian Anderson may be the opening day starter, against lefty Mark Buehrle, and Juan Gonzalez is the only Royal who has yet to report. Igor is expected to show tomorrow.
Baseball Prospectus has the transcript of the Rany Jazayerli chat. Rany on Zack Greinke:
"It will probably take injuries to two or three other starters (on top of the one to Kyle Snyder) for Greinke to break camp with a job. I think the Royals would like him to spend the whole year in Triple-A; realistically, pitcher attrition will probably open up a job for him by August 1st. If the Royals make the playoffs, there's about a 50% chance that Greinke will be in their postseason rotation."
#77, Switch-hitting outfielder Garth Brooks arrived in camp yesterday. His locker is between Jason Grimsley's and Curtis Leskanic's, "the two biggest needlers on the Royals roster." They oughta keep the rookie in line.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Garth Brooks: Pennant charm? 

Garth Brooks will don a Royals uniform for the first time today. His previous spring training teams--the 1998 Padres and 2000 Mets--were both pennant winners.
Royals Notes: Jeremy Affeldt threw 50 pitches yesterday with no blistering, the Royals added two "B" games and two intrasquad games to their spring training schedule. The intrasquad games will be on March 2 and 3. Kevin Appier is already showing more velocity on his fastball than last season.
Quick Hits from
Baseball Prospectus has unveiled its Top 50 Prospects list. Zack Greinke is #7, David DeJesus is #26.
Reminder: The Baseball Prospectus chat with Rany Jazayerli will be at 6:00 Central tonight.

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Monday, February 23, 2004

Greinke: "If I'm ready, I'm ready." 

Bob Dutton on Zack Greinke, that "quiet kid" in camp.
Aaron's Baseball Blog has a review of his 2003 top prospects, #31-50. Ken Harvey was on Gleeman's list, and he predicts that Harvey's numbers will improve given sufficient playing time.
Chris George has altered his mechanics a bit in his quest to return to the starting rotation.
Yes, Greg Swindell will get a fair shake at a spot in the Royal's bullpen, which is short on lefty relievers.
Kurt Caywood on the success of RSTN. 2 years ago, the Royals ranked last in the majors in number of televised games.
The Omaha Royals will open spring training on March 15, with their home opener set for April 8.
This Date in Royals History:
February 23, 1974--The Royals obtain Vada Pinson from the Indians for Barry Raziano and cash.
February 23, 1987--Dick Howser announces his retirement. Billy Gardner is named Royals manager.

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

For Kyle Snyder, another lost season:

Kyle Snyder will undergo another shoulder surgery on Wednesday, likely ending his chances at joining the Royals' 2004 starting rotation. Snyder had similar surgery last fall but reinjured his labrum this month during rehabilitation workouts. He also had Tommy John reconstructive surgery in 2000.
Rany Jazayerli, Royals guru, will be featured in a chat session at Baseball Prospectus on Tuesday evening, 6:00 Central. Click the link to submit your question in advance.
Greg Swindell has been signed to a minor league contract and will be in Royals training camp. The veteran southpaw, who was once a battery-mate of Tony Pena's, last played in the majors in 2002, for Arizona.
Jeremy Affeldt showed off his infamous finger to the KC Star. Gruesome photo included at no extra charge.
Peter Gammons has a preview of the AL Central at
Darrell May has been ready for spring training since Thanksgiving.
Bob Dutton on Mike MacDougal's offseason and a rather save-centric 2004 outlook. Personally, I don't think MacDougal's or Curtis Leskanic's career save totals have much to do with their respective abilities to close out games for the Royals. And yes, Leskanic is still the best reliever in the KC pen.
The Topeka Capitol Journal on the optimism in Suprise, Arizona.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Together We Can:

Tony Pena T-Shirt Day in April will feature the slogan above.
Spring Training is underway. reports that Darrell May and Brian Anderson are the only two pitchers "guaranteed" a spot in the rotation.
The Wichita Eagle chimes in with its 2004 Royals preview.

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Friday, February 20, 2004

Next year has arrived:

The warm front that pushed through the midwest the past few days melted away the snow and ice, bringing ballplayers young and old outdoors for their first game of catch since October. Breathing the fresh, warm air, we all felt restored vigor, replenished energy, and yes, a renewed sense of hope. Of all the signs of spring, none is more reliable than those magic four words, "pitchers and catchers report." Even the fans of cellar dwellers look forward to this time of year, when all is possible--and for the 2004 Kansas City Royals, not only is anything possible, quite a bit is probable, too.

As promised, the sidebars have been renewed and replenished as well. Please leave a comment or send an email if you see anything that is missing.

Royals tickets for single games go on sale February 28. I'm still in ticket fund negotiations with my wife, but I'll definitely make it to more than the four games I attended last year.

The Star on Dee Brown's chances of making the big club. He's gotten bad. And that ain't good.

Brown: "Was I happy when they signed Juan and Matt? No."
C'mon, Dee, where's your Tony Pena spirit?

Brandon Berger got to Surprise early, out to prove that he's healthy.

Benito Santiago made Baseball Prospectus' list of the 10 least valuable catcher arms of 2003, based on Stolen Base Runs Prevented (SBRP).

BP also has an article up on the 1984 Royals. Premium membership required.

The single-A Idaho Falls Chukars are working on plans for a new stadium.

Alex Rodriguez may be playing for the Yankees this year, but thanks to attorney general John Ashcroft, KC will be getting a regional A-Rod to compete for Angel Berroa's starting shortstop spot.

This Date in Royals History
February 21, 1969—The Royals hold their first ever spring training workout, in Fort Myers, Florida, with 46 players participating.

Trivia:(Answer in comments)
What Royals player is 29 years old today? He was drafted by Kansas City in 1996 and reached the big leagues 3 years ago. He hit .312 that first year, in only 16 at bats, but has struggled against major league pitching since then. He has accepted 89 total chances in the field without recording an error. And his hometown is the last name of a well-known member of the '57 Braves and '64 Phillies, who also played in KC.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Royals Get More Relief:

Rudy Seanez, who pitched for the Red Sox last year, was signed by the Royals to a minor league contract. The 12-year veteran has never pitched more than 54 innings in a season, but he has a 4.54 career ERA with 287 Ks and 160 BBs in 287.3 IP. He also has some post-season experience from his years in Atlanta, going 1-0 with a 2.57 ERA through 7 IP in 8 games.

KC also announced that non-roster invitations have been issued to catchers Scott Walter, Tony Arnerich, and Charles Alley.

With spring training only a few hours away, I'll be updating and rearranging the sidebars a bit. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Trivia:(Answer in comments)
What former Royal is 55 today? He made his big league debut as the 4th-youngest player in baseball in 1968, although he didn't become a regular player until his first year with the Royals, 1972. His best years came in Kansas City, where he had 25+ home runs and 100+ RBI three times and twice hit over .290. After being traded, he played for two franchises that the Royals faced in the postseason.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Mike Sweeney: new and improved?
"I think my back problems are all behind me." Sweeney says.

Just to keep the people who print playoff-tickets from getting an early vacation, here's a list of the games played by three of the Royals' chief cogs, as a percentage of their teams' games, over the past six seasons:

Sweeney: 67%, 78%, 91%, 98%, 93%, 57%
Gonzalez: 51%, 43%, 86%, 71%, 89%, 95%
Santiago: 67%, 78%, 82%, 55%, 67%, 9%

Looks like 2001 was the year to have these three guys. My prediction is that Santiago will be around 100 games (62%--not bad for a veteran catcher) and Sweeney and Igor will be around 125 (77%).

The Kansas City Star has their glossy 2004 Royals preview up.

Kansas City ranks #6 among the most-frustrated sports cities, according to a study by the American City Business Journals. In 101 total seasons, KC pro franchises have won 2 championships and endured 55 losing years. They didn't include the KC Monarchs in their calculations, though.

And the Winnipeg Sun continues the cavalcade of 2004 previews.

// posted by Harley @ 4:11 PM
Weekend News has a preview of KC's pitching rotation.
The Topeka Capitol-Journal's 2004 Royals preview.
Baseball Truth's AL Central preview.
Bob Dutton on the Royals' "AL Central favorites" status.
Season tickets are on sale. Full season seats run between $405 and $1701. Weekend and Weekday packs range from $240 to $798, and the 21-game plan comes with a price tag from $126 to $462. So if you'd like to see more game coverage from this blog, please contact me to donate to my season ticket fund!
Joe Posnanski is suffering at Royals fantasy camp. on the Royals' new vice-president of ballpark operations and development, Robert Rice.
The Paseo YMCA will become the Buck O'Neill baseball education center, part of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.
This year's Royals Forecast Luncheon was a bit more upbeat than the past few years'.
Royals Charities will sponsor their annual Welcome Home luncheon on April 6.
The new movie "Miracle" inspired Jeff Flanagan to write about George Brett's cames in 1981's "Miracle on Ice" made-for-TV version.
A demographic look at the Cactus League. The Royals had the oldest fans among cactus league teams in 2003. Any guesses why?
Bo knows jury duty.

Trivia:(Answer in comments)
What former Royal turned 46 on Monday? He was drafted by the Royals in 1981 and spent 6 seasons in Kansas City, playing a career-high 125 games in 1991. That year, he also had career highs in home runs (6), stolen bases (16), and OPS (756). He was traded in a deal that also included a Cy Young winner and a Big Mac. And he played all 10 different positions in his major league career, including DH.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

9 more days!:

Side-arming reliever Scott Sullivan looks to be a bullpen workhorse in 2004. on the Royals' non-roster invitees.
The Buck O'Neill tour continues with a stop at Moberly High School on February 18.
Don Motley, former Royals scout and executive director of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, was honored in a ceremony on Tuesday.

This Date in Royals History:
Februrary 13, 1988--The Royals trade Van Snider to the Reds for Jeff Montgomery.
Their numbers following the trade:
2 seasons, 19 games, 35 AB, 7 H, 1 HR, 6 RBI, 18 K, .200 AVG, 509 OPS
12 seasons, 686 games, 44-50, 304 SV, 543 GF, 849.3 IP, 287 BB, 720 K, 3.20 ERA

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Monday, February 09, 2004

One small piece of keratin for a man, one giant leap for the Royals pitching staff:

Jeremy Affeldt had half of the fingernail removed from his left middle finger, an operation that should cure his blister problems. This means Affeldt will very likely join Darrell May, Brian Anderson, Kevin Appier, and either Miguel Asencio or Jimmy Gobble in the Royals' 2004 starting rotation.
The KC Star with more on Affeldt. Also, the spring training broadcast schedule on WHB, and announcement of the talking Denny Matthews bobblehead doll! The first 20,000 fans on August 7 will receive a Denny Matthews talking bobblehead doll. Wow. That just makes my week.

Lee Sinins reports:
"The Royals signed OF Adrian Brown and P Doug Linton to minor league contracts, with invitations to spring training.
Brown has -39 RCAA/.674 OPS in 417 career games, including 3 for 15, with a BB and -1 RCAA, in 9 games with the 2003 Redsox.After being out of the majors since 1999, Linton had a 3.00 ERA/2 RSAA in 7 games with the BlueJays. He has a 5.78 career ERA, compared to his league average of 4.65, and -37 RSAA in 112 games."

Baseball America's list of the Royals' top 10 prospects. For more discussion on this, visit U L's Toothpick.
Hal McRae was inducted into the Missouri sports hall of fame.
RSTN will carry 114 Royals games in 2004, with 100 on regional cable and satellite TV and 14--opening day and all of the road Sunday games on Kansas City channel 38. I have Dish Network, and RSTN usually shows up on those ALT stations up around channel #445.
Buck O'Neill visited Knoxville, Tennessee.
WJLA's preview of the AL Central in 2004.
Ryan Lefebvre, Kansas City Royals broadcaster, will be the featured speaker at the Church of the Resurrection, 137th Street and Roe Avenue, in Johnson County, Kansas, on Feb. 14 at the United Methodist Men's breakfast fellowship. Lefebvre will speak at 8 a.m. on “How does your faith sustain you in sports?”

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Friday, February 06, 2004

Royals announce 2004 special events:

In a press release yesterday, the Royals announced their special events schedule for 2004. A few dates that I'd like to be at Kauffman:
April 5 - Opening Day
April 10 - "Together We Can" Tony Pena T-Shirt night
April 11 - Angel Berroa ROY batting helmet easter basket with candy inside.
June 12 - Spiderman 2 Day (who knows?)
June 13 - Salute to the Negro Leagues, KC Monarchs cap night
June 23 - Royals Alumni autograph night
July 31 - Frank White night
Aug 7 - Denny Matthews HOF induction night
Oct 2 - Fan appreciation night

Joe Posnanski with his pre-spring training predictions.

BP's VORP by position rankings: Take away the elite foursome of Jeter, Garciaparra, Tejada, and A-Rod, and who was the #5 shortstop in the American League in 2003? Your rookie of the year, Angel Berroa.

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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Frank White in bronze:

The Royals announced that the new bronze statue of Frank White at Gate D of Kauffman Stadium will be unveiled on "Frank White Night," July 31. The first 20,000 fans will also receive a replica of the statue. on the new ingredients in KC's recipe for success.
ESPN The Magazine released their 2004 ultimate standings, a ranking of all the professional sports franchises. The Royals jumped 58 spots up from last year, ranked 25th overall. But how is it that the Marlins are only 24th?
Say what you will about Garth Brooks, he got the Royals mentioned in Rolling Stone magazine.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

16 More Days!:'s fan guide to the Royals' 2004 spring training.
Rob and Rany has been updated, with a discussion of the Royals' lineup options, particularly in the leadoff spot. Will it be Aaron Guiel, Angel Berroa, or perhaps David DeJesus batting first for the majority of the year?
Buck O'Neill and Bingo Lloyd relived the KC Monarchs days at Wright State this week.
"Pappy Jack" Rosenthal, the Royals' official unofficial photographer, died in Osceola, Missouri, on Saturday.

This Date in Royals History:
February 4, 1983—The Royals trade Cecil Fielder to the Blue Jays for Leon Roberts.
Their career numbers after the trade:
Fielder: 13 seasons, 1470 G, 1313 H, 319 HR, 1008 RBI, 827 OPS
Roberts: 2 seasons, 113 G, 65 H, 8 HR, 27 RBI, 697 OPS

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Monday, February 02, 2004

Pitchers? We don't need no stinkin'...:

St. Joseph News-Press' Brent Briggeman is disturbed by the fantasy rankings (or lack thereof) of KC pitchers.
Not much in the way of news, but if you're looking for a great read, this thread on the Sons of Sam Horn message board (where Curt Schilling posts as "Gehrig38") offers a little insight on how Schilling will pitch the Royals this year.

This Date in Royals History:
February 1, 1996—Royals sign free agent Tim Belcher.
February 2, 1987—Dennis Leonard announces his retirement.

Trivia: (answer in comments)
What former Royal is 44 years old today? He joined the Royals organization as a first-round draft pick and worked his way up to the big club 4 years later. He played in a Royals uniform for all but 18 of his major league games. He posted a higher batting average in his 3 postseason series than he ever achieved during the regular season, other than his 1-for-2 cup of coffee in his debut year. Like George Brett, he was a California native, but the similarities end there.

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