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Friday, October 17, 2003

Friday's News continues its series on the Royals options for 2004. This article looks at shortstop, a bit of a no-brainer.
Ernie Whitt was reminded of the 1985 ALCS by the Marlins' comeback series win over the Cubs.
The Omaha Royals have announced their 2004 schedule.

This Date in Royals History:
October 17, 1980—Game 3 of 1980 World Series, the first World Series game in Kansas City history. After leaving the hospital on the day of Game 3, a pain-free George Brett returned to the diamond and removed all doubts with a first inning homer off the Phillies' Dick Ruthven. Both teams continued to trade runs (including a home run by Amos Otis) and at the end of regulation, the scoreboard read 3-3. Kansas City was determined to prevent another Philadelphia comeback and Willie Aikens came through in the bottom of the tenth with a two out single that scored Willie Wilson for the 4-3 triumph.
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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Thursday's News

Baseball America has an excellent wrapup of the Royals' 2003 farm season. Includes this years' stats at all levels for the Royals' top 10 prospects. looks at the Royals' second base options for 2004. Basically, Desi Relaford is the option. There's not much chance he'll have the offensive breakout he had this year, but prospects Ruben Gotay and Donnie Murphy are both at least another season away. Brent Abernathy and Mendy Lopez might be stopgap players if Relaford's injuries continue.
The Jackson County Legislature has again proposed a bi-state sales tax to help keep the Royals and Chiefs in Kansas City.
This Date in Royals History:
October 16, 1985—ALCS game : Royals win 6-2.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

This Date in Royals History:

October 15, 1980—Game 2 of 1980 World Series: Phillies win 6-4, and George Brett leaves the game in the 6th due to hemmorhoids.
October 15, 1985—ALCS game 6: Danny Jackson throws an 8-hit shutout and KC wins 2-0.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Meet the Chukars!

The Royals new class-A team is the Idaho Fall Chukars. They're now accepting applications for a person to be their mascot, Chuckie Chukar.
Baseball Truth readers voted Angel Berroa the AL Rookie of the Year and Tony Pena the AL Manager of the Year. Carlos Beltran finished 8th in AL MVP voting. looks at KC's options for first base next season. If Mike Sweeney's not healthy enough to play in the field, surely we can pick up a free agent with more offensive production than Ken Harvey. Can't we?
Royal Blog has a nice recap of the 2003 season.
The annual Holiday Card Contest is underway. Kindergardners through 8th graders can win Royals tickets, among other prizes.
This Date in Royals History:
October 14, 1976—ALCS Game 5: Chris Chambliss homers in the 9th to win the game and the pennant for the Yankees. Royals lose 7-6, despite George Brett’s game-tying 3-run home run.
October 14, 1980—Game 1 of 1980 World Series—Willie Aikens homers twice on his 26th birthday, but the Phillies win, 7-6.

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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Off-season Moves Begin

The KC Star reports that GM Allard Baird will not offer arbitration to Joe Randa or Raul Ibanez. Contract negotiations are underway with both, and Baird hopes he'll know whether they're coming back by next month.
Lee Sinins' Around the Majors reports that "While the Royals are still listening to offers for Carlos Beltran, according to GM Allard Baird, 'I expect Carlos Beltran to be our center fielder next season, because I don't think any club is going to offer the kind of package we believe is necessary for a trade. But I have to listen.' has a look at second base prospects Ruben Gotay and Donnie Murphy.
Idaho Falls, the Royals new Class A affiliate, is expected to announce their new name on Friday afternoon. Possibilities include "The Moose," "The River Rattlers," "The Cutthroat," "The Eagles," "The Otters," "The Mountainneers," and "The Anglers." Any of the first three sounds good to me.
Q & A with Tery Ibanez.
This Date in Royals History:
October 9, 1976—First postseason game at Royals Stadium, ALCS Game 1—George Brett commits two errors in the 1st inning, allowing 2 unearned runs and the Yankees win 4-1.
October 9, 1977—ALCS game 5—5-3, Yankees win in the 9th for 2nd straight year, Mickey Rivers gets the game-winning hit.
October 9, 1985—ALCS game 1—KC comes from behind to tie in the 9th and lead in the 10th but loses to Toronto 6-5.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

This Date in Royals History:
October 8, 1969—Joe Gordon resigns as manager of the Royals. Charlie Metro is named as his replacement.
October 8, 1977—ALCS game 4: Mickey Rivers gets 4 hits as Yankees even the series, winning 6-4.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

This Date in Royals History:

October 7, 1977—ALCS game 3: Dennis Leonard throws a 4-hitter and the Royals beat the Yankees, 6-2.
October 7, 1978—ALCS game 4: Graig Nettles and Roy White hit solo home runs and the Yankees win the pennant and the game, 2-1.
October 7, 1994—Royals name Bob Boone manager.

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Monday, October 06, 2003

Monday's News contrasts high profile #1 draft pick Zack Greinke with the unheralded Byron Gettis, who the Royals signed in 1998 as an undrafted free agent.
This Date in Royals History:
October 6, 1977—ALCS game 2: Ron Guidry throws a 3-hitter to even the series. Yankees defeat the Royals, 6-2.
October 6, 1978—ALCS game 3: George Brett homers 3 times, but Thurman Munson gets a 2-run shot in the 8th. Yankees win 6-5.

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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Desi Relaford underwent successful wrist surgery on Friday. He's expected to be healthy for spring training.
Tony Pena has been nominated in's Manager's Move of the Year contest.
This Date in Royals History: October 5, 1977—ALCS game 1: Hal McRae, John Mayberry, and Al Cowens homer, as the Royals beat the Yankees 7-2.
October 5, 1984—ALCS game 3: The Detroit Tigers clinch the pennant, beating the Royals 1-0 on a 3-hit shutout by Matt Wilcox and Willie Hernandez.
October 5, 1985—Royals clinch the AL West when Willie Wilson gets an RBI single in the 10th inning to beat the A’s 5-4.

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Thursday, October 02, 2003

October Contest!
Royals Baseball Blog will have another reader contest for the month of October. The rules are the same as last month; to enter, just leave your thoughts by clicking on "comment" below any post for the month of October. Be sure to leave your name and email address, so I can contact you at the end of the month if you are the lucky reader selected to receive:

1986 Topps Buddy Biancalana
1986 Topps All-Star George Brett
1991 Donruss Jeff Montgomery
1998 Topps Jeff Conine
1998 Upper Deck Jeff King

Do you think KC should get rid of Raul Ibanez, or sign Curtis Leskanic at all costs? Or go after Greg Maddux? Let Royals Baseball know by leaving a comment.

This Date in Royals History:
October 2, 1969—The Royals end their first season, 69-93, one win shy of the modern record for victories by a first-year team.
October 2, 1986—The Royals claim Jim Eisenreich off the waiver list. Despite suffering from Tourrette's Syndrome, Eisenreich would play 12 more seasons in the major leagues, on his way to a career .290 average.

Trivia: (answer in comments)
What former Royal is 54 years old today? A member of the 1985 Royals, this Marietta, Ohio, native also played for the Rangers and White Sox. During a ten-year major league career, he played 377 games at third base, 276 games at shortstop, 145 games at second base, and 23 games at first. He appeared in two postseason series but never batted.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

2003 Stats Leaders


Carlos Beltran 36
Mike Sweeney 9
Rondell White 7
Aaron Guiel 3
David DeJesus 1
Gookie Dawkins 0
Raul Ibanez 0
Rontrez Johnson 0
Brandon Berger -2
Morgan Burkhart -2
Tom Prince -2
Joe Randa -2
Mendy Lopez -3
Jarrod Patterson -3
Julius Matos -5
Brent Abernathy -6
Angel Berroa -7
Dee Brown -10
Mike DiFelice -11
Michael Tucker -13
Carlos Febles -20
Ken Harvey -23
Desi Relaford -23
Brent Mayne -25


Darrell May 32
Jeremy Affeldt 17
Curtis Leskanic 10
Mike MacDougal 8
Brian Anderson 6
Runelvys Hernandez 6
Al Levine 6
D.J. Carrasco 3
Jimmy Gobble 3
Jamey Wright 3
Kevin Appier 2
Nate Field 2
Jose Lima 2
Jeremy Hill 1
Miguel Asencio 0
Jason Grimsley 0
Kyle Snyder 0
Paul Abbott -1
Kris Wilson -1
Rick DeHart -4
Les Walrond -4
Ryan Bukvich -5
Jason Gilfillan -5
Sean Lowe -5
Scott Mullen -6
Graeme Lloyd -8
Brad Voyles -8
Albie Lopez -19
Chris George -20

Carlos Beltran had the best RCAA of any AL center fielder, finished 3rd in triples, 3rd in stolen bases, 5th in Runs Created per Game, 5th in BPA, 6th in total average, 8th in secondary average, 12th in OPS.
Darrell May finished 5th in RSAA, 6th in shutouts, 5th in neutral percentage, 7th in fewest baserunners per 9 innings, 10th in fewest hits per 9 innings, 5th in most home runs allowed.
Angel Berroa finished 2nd in sacrifices, 10th in triples, 4th in times hit by pitch, 42nd in OPS.
Jason Grimsley finished 3rd in games pitched.
Raul Ibanez finished 3rd in sacrifice flies, 7th in singles, 39th in OPS.
Mike MacDougal finished 6th in saves, 2nd in games finished.
Jamey Wright finished 6th in shutouts.
Joe Randa finished 7th in sacrifices, 38th in OPS.
Desi Relaford finished 9th in sacrifices.

Ken Harvey finished tied for 7th in worst RCAA, and had the worst RCAA of any AL first baseman.
Brent Mayne finished 5th in worst RCAA, and had the worst RCAA of any AL catcher.
Chris George finished 3rd in balks.
Michael Tucker finished 2nd in most times caught stealing.

These numbers come from Lee Sinins. For an explanation of RCAA and other stats, visit
this stat glossary.

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Wait 'Til Next Year

The 2004 Royals schedule has been announced. A few tough stretches in late May and early August, but the season begins and ends like this year, at home against the White Sox.
The KC Star has a nice rundown of the current 40-man roster.
Bob Dutton has a look at the busy winter ahead for the Royals. And there's a similar article from The Associated Press.
Bullpen coach Tom Gamboa has been fired. His replacement is Brian Poldberg.
Q & A with Denny: An interview with my favorite Royal, radio announcer Denny Matthews.
Byron Gettis and Zack Greinke are the 2003 Royals Minor League Player and Pitcher of the Year.
The Wilmington Blue Rocks website has a nice review of the 2003 season.
Updates may be few and far between during the off-season, but I'll try to stop in once a week or so.
Lastly, congratulations to Peter Benson, winner of the September reader contest!
This Date in Royals History: October 1, 1978—The Royals draw 2 million in home attendance for the first time.

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